8 Tips to Overcome Lower Back Pain
8 Tips to Overcome Lower Back Pain

8 Tips to Overcome Lower Back Pain

Low back pain turns out to be the most common problem that exists among adults. There are several reasons why low back pain occurs.

This can develop due to spinal problems, lumbar stenosis, sciatica, disc injuries, and many other reasons.

Acute low back pain is usually treated with pain relievers. However, when chronic low back pain, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Low back pain is of three types:

  • Acute
  • Subchronic
  • And chronic

If the pain lasts several days or several weeks, it is acute. If it lasts 4 to 12 weeks, then it is sub-chronic. And if the pain extends for more than 12 weeks, then it is chronic low back pain.

How to relieve lower back pain:

1. Exercise lightly

Keeping your body active with mild physical exercise will reduce the sharpness of low back pain. Light exercise for low back pain can help strengthen the muscles of the back, stomach, and legs and also help support the spine and relieve stress on the muscles and joints.

According to one study, aerobic exercise for low back pain improves nutrition and blood flow to the soft tissues of the back, which helps heal faster and reduce stiffness in the lower back.

2. Hot and cold therapy

The application of hot and cold packs as an alternative to the back will relieve back pain. Apply heat for 15 to 20 minutes at a time, such as hot packs, hot showers, and hot showers. Also, apply a cold compress, as it reduces inflammation in the lower back.

3. Strengthen your core muscles

Strengthening the abdominal muscles will help relieve the pain of the lumbar spine. This will reduce tension in the lower back muscles. Therefore, it reduces the risk of muscle damage and tearing. Strengthening the central muscles can help relieve lower back pain.

4. Maintain a good posture

Incorrect posture can cause spinal problems. For example, sitting too long or crouching in front of a computer can stretch your back muscles and this can cause lower back pain. Bad posture pressure can change the anatomical characteristics of the spine.

This increases the possibility of narrowing of blood vessels and nerves, problems with muscles, discs, and joints. For maintaining proper spinal posture try to use the best reclining chair in daily routine because having a good posture is considered one of the best methods to reduce low back pain.

5. Increase flexibility

Want to know how to reduce low back pain?

Increase your flexibility, so that the load is the same throughout the body. Stretching and balancing exercises will help increase flexibility and reduce tension in the back muscles. Some stretching exercises are cobra stretching, calm poses, piriformis stretching, etc.

6. Wear comfortable shoes

Avoid wearing shoes that have high heels or shoes that don’t fit well because you stretch your back and leg muscles, which further aggravates lower back pain.

7. Sleep in the right position


Sleeping in the wrong position or on a bad mattress can make lower back pain worse. Be sure to keep the spine straight while sleeping. The best way to do this is to place a pillow under the knee and keep the spine straight. The pillow is important because it helps keep the arch in the lower back.

8. Stop smoking

Did you know that smoking causes lower back pain? This is because it contains nicotine compounds that narrow small blood vessels and limit blood flow to soft tissues and muscles. It also limits blood flow to the back muscles.

The right time when you have to see a doctor when you experience severe back pain is when you lie down and lose control of the bladder. Then you have difficulty standing or walking. It even feels weak and numb in the legs.

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