6 Best Desserts That You Ought To Try On Your Christmas Celebration

Christmas not only mesmerizes the surrounding but also, it mesmerizes our tongue and stomach. After all, we get a lot of delicious things to eat. But in all these delicious things, my favorite part is dessert. Because Christmas is the time when you can eat without thinking about anything. I am not a fitness freak, and I am a sweet tooth person. Now, you can imagine for me Christmas is like a celebration of sweetness and dessert. I am the person who eats the dresses at Christmas breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I know, it sounds a little weird that how can anyone eat too much sweetness. But yes, I can eat and I am sure so many of you also like me, who is crazy about desserts. That’s why I decided, today we will only talk about the desserts. So you are a dessert freak like me or not, this treat is for you all. Because how can you think of a Christmas celebration, without desserts. That’s why today I will tell you about the six different types of Christmas special desserts. Some desserts will be too sweet and some will be normal sweet. 

Blueberry cheesecake 

I am sure you must be expecting any type of Christmas cake, at the top of this list. But here, I come with a cake but it is a blueberry cheesecake. So hey dear, cheesecake lover says a big cheese. Lots of unsalted butter, crumble, lots of cream cheese, and garnished with fresh blueberries. Now, tell me what you want more this Christmas. If you want to make your base delicious use graham cracker crumbs. It will give authentic blueberry cheesecake taste. I am sure, you and your guests will love this dessert a lot. 


I know, it’s winter not summer, so you must be thinking about how lassi comes in this list. Lassi is one of the most refreshing and lovable sweet drinks. It is easy to make also. For making normal lassi you just need yogurt, some nuts, some mawa and you can add milk instead of water. Here one thing is also optional mawa. If you want to have lassi you just need yogurt. Here there is one more option. Those who don’t want sugar can have it plain or with salt also. Just serve it with some rose petals. You will make the day of your loved ones. So don’t forget to order flowers from the best florist in Bangalore

Italian Trifle with Marsala Syrup 

This is such an amazing combination. A sponge cake layered with lots of vanilla-infused pastry cream, and of course Marsala. It has such an amazing spiced flavor. You will fall in love with this dessert. You don’t want to order a new year chocolate cake. You and your guest will demand this in the new year also. Because this is the most wonderful dessert ever. You must give this a chance. 

Christmas cookies

Christmas cookies don’t need any introduction. It is one of the most common desserts that you will find in every home during Christmas. But so many people don’t count it on a proper Christmas dessert platter. But it is a proper Christmas dessert. If you don’t like a too-sweet dessert, you can make cookies with low sugar also. So here, it’s totally up to. To fascinate the kids, you can make a creative shape of your Christmas cookies. 

Fruit and Nut Trifle 

This is not too much new dessert. I am sure so many of you have it in your childhood. This is such a great combination of soft and moist dessert. If you don’t know about this dessert. Then I am telling you about it in a brief. It is a layer with three different textures and tastes. The first one is a sponge cake, the second one is custard layers, and the topping is with the fresh berries. 

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