With every new invention or breakthrough, comes the plethora of conspiracy theories. An overshooting of thoughts, or perhaps these are actual truths shrouded in the word conspiracies, but both poles have campers, each vouching for its truth. The latest one is the 5G conspiracy.

5G- Conspiracy running amok

Starting off from the little electrical devices back in the 20th century, every new electrical gadget or similar technology makes people scared. The fact that 5G coincided with the global pandemic made even more people perturbed than usual. Even the most rational of the being was confronted with the question; was COVID-19 because of 5G? The answer is, no!

What is 5G?

A high contentious update, 5G is the 5th generation mobile internet. Naturally, it will be and is faster than the current 4G technology available to users. The upload and download internet speed on the cellular phones will be much greater. The constraints of low bandwidth etc. will be catered by this new technology.

There are other benefits of 5G including better drone operations, improved satellite mission, superior communication between the autonomous vehicles and greater coverage of traffic data. Thus, the benefits offered by 5G seem aplenty, then why the skepticism?

The exposure to radiation

One of the fundamental issues with such new technology that uses electromagnetic radiation, is well, the radiation. There are many people who suffer from a syndrome known as Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, EHS or Microwave syndrome. Many top neurologists in Islamabad have to deal with patients suffering from neurological issues following radiation exposure.

There are many other symptoms of this syndrome. Patients’ detox system gets overwhelmed, and thus the body goes in oxidative stress. Their cell signaling mechanisms and similar important biological processes suffer. Moreover, this impairment can lead to changed neurological and cognitive functions. Even the blood-brain barrier gets affected.

Not only the neurological system, but skin, cardiovascular and hematological systems also suffer due to exposure to radiation. People also experience miscellaneous symptoms like disorientation, lethargy etc. as well.

Many people suffer from this syndrome due to occupational hazard; those working in the radiology labs or the IT world for example, are more liable to suffer from EHS. However, ordinary people are just as likely to have it as the air around is strumming with radiation now.

Cancer and radiation

Since radiation can lead to mutation in the DNA, thus it has been known to cause cancer. High frequency electromagnetic rays like that from X-Ray or sun’s UV rays lead to cancer is many patients. However, this does not ring true for all types of radiations.

The evidence linking radiation from cellular network or phone is not conclusive. These radiations simply do not have enough strength to penetrate deep in the body and therefore do much damage.

However, it is important to mention that WHO has enlisted cell phones as a possible carcinogen. Due to novelty of 5G, to say it also for sure leads to cancer, is a little premature.

Is 5G responsible for all this?

Radiation is of two types, ionizing and non-ionizing. The former is dangerous and leads to the electron in the atom being knocked out, leading to cell damage. The latter is more innocuous type of radiation and is used in the wireless technology. It does not change the atom structure, so many qualms with 5G are grounded in the wrong principle.

With EHS, the biggest problem is that the symptoms are very non-specific. They can vary amongst people to people, and thus its characterization is very difficult. Another important problem concerning EHS and electromagnetic radiation is the lack of cohesive research linking the two.

Moreover, the researches conducted thus far to find the connection between several neurological issues like brain tumor fail to give comprehensive results. One of the biggest studies conducted with World Health Organization. It took scientists a decade to conduct the study and almost 4 years to interpret the findings.

The results from the study were very confounding. Whereas those people who held their phones closer to their head were 40% more likely to develop glioma, a type of brain tumor. On the other hand, people who had the second-highest use of phones reported the least chance of having glioma.

Therefore, one has no way of knowing if 5G is going to lead to all sorts of dangers to the health. The evidence is rather contradictory.

Moreover, we already are being exposed to radiation. According to experts, 5G and the existing wireless services operate at the same frequency, hence, there is little more to be concerned about this new technology. Its principle difference is that the bandwidth of the network will be high, but the wave frequencies will be smaller in fact. Thus, it cannot penetrate deep into surfaces and body.

But can we do something about

Whether or not 5G leads to health issues is a separate debate from the ground reality that it is, in fact, happening whether you like it or not. Rather than getting worked out over some probable dangers, it is best to focus on your health. However, this does not mean that anyone suspecting EHS should be scared to contact the best neurologist in Lahore for treatment.

Bottom line is that evidence at this point is insufficient, thus calling out 5G harbinger of evil may be too soon to tell.

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