You may be a beginner or a professional no matter what, but you need fresh ideas every time to build a logo. Ideas give you an approach to begin with your own projects. For creating a logo, you need a road map to design it. A lot of brainstorming and research are needed to carry out a fantastic logo design that speaks volumes about the brand it is representing. It is not as simple as it seems at the first glimpse. Much refinement and improvement are required at every stage of the design process. There are a lot of techniques, tools, and software for creating a logo but ink and a white piece of paper are the best tools for designers and creators to begin with as paper gives freedom of artistic expression which no other can offer. These days graphic designers and logo creators put their ideas on paper first and then edit them with Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or such other digital editing tools. The main goal of any logo is to be remarkable, unique, astonishing, creative, impactful, and aesthetically beautiful. And for that, you need to draw inspiration and gather so many ideas to design it. Every time you create a logo you need a break so that you can renew your ideas, enthusiasm, insight, and opportunity that is why you need to gather a lot of new ideas and inspiration to create something unique. The more you explore the more innovative you get! So, in this regard, Designviva has collected 15 wonderful logo ideas to get you inspired which you can check out.

PopChicken Gourmet Express 

PopChicken Gourmet Express is a gourmet fast-food restaurant. The goal behind its logo is to create a fun and friendly approach so that it can connect well with a young audience. Its logo is designed to communicate the energy of the brand. Design’s look and feel is vibrant and creates a sense of friendliness. 

ITV Logo Creation by Rudd Studio

ITV logo is based on handwriting. The letters of this logo are in lower case and are joined up. Logo’s colors are picked from a wide range of color spectrum and are upbeat and modern in nature. Designing of the logo is done in a way to make it big but not shouty. Its typography carries enough warmth in it.


The WWF logo represents a big and furry animal, and the inspiration came from a giant panda known as Chi-Chi that had arrived at the London Zoo in the year 1961. The solid black shaped eyes of the panda are the most attractive element of the design and are open to various interpretations and perceptions.

 AppleJack Logo by Artua

AppleJack logo was created for a Game Development Studio. The animal ‘rabbit’ is used for the icon as it is the upcoming character of the game.


Nike is one of the well known popular athletic shoe and sports brands. The brand was named after the Greek goddess of victory and it bears a resemblance to a wing. Its logo has a checkmark shape that is flowing and represents movement and speed.


The Dangerdust logo was created to be something unusual, and an over-the-top crest that would go together with the name ‘Dangerdust’. Fine detailing is done with every piece of the design. 


Seventy-six rough pencil sketches were drawn out to put emphasis on the double ‘x.’ The two x’s in the lettering of the logo recalls the ‘s’ in Esso.

Chalet Monticello By Jackson Alves

The Chalet Monticello logo has a vintage element to it and is a very intricate design. It has custom lettering to its design.

Hand Lettering by Valentina Badeanu

It is a beautiful hand-lettering logo and is designed with custom typography. 

LogoPack 2013 By Mike | Creative Mints

A very splendid and amazing logo design. Logo’s design preserves the good old tradition within it. The lettering of the logo is also looking very fine.

Logotypes Collection | 2012-2013 By Mike

The design is meticulously curated and looks spectacular. It has got very fine detailing and looks highly sophisticated.

Logos by Ink Ration

The designs depicted are in various geometrical shapes and sizes. It has very fine strokes and shading is uplifting the designs.

AspireBoard Sketches by Eddie Lobanovskiy

Lightbulbs are depicted in various designs. It looks like something is written and drawn on the blackboard. All the designs are sketched in color white which looks unique and amazing.

Logotypes & Icons by Mike

This logo has a Perfect symphony between technical drawing and artistic one. It is crafted for organic tea. The design has elements of fruit ‘raspberry’ and leaves. This is a completely handmade and meticulously designed logo and is expressing the premium quality of the tea.

Map Pins – Heart by Eddie Lobanovskiy

Map Pins logo design has map pins of different colors and is overlapping each other. The design is blended in such a way to create a heart shape. 


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