Is there anything to talk about Mental Health? If you are finding this question in your head, then you are far away from the consequences which are faced by one who is suffering from a mental health disorder. You can never realize his/her pain.

You cannot socialize yourself, anxiety, mental trauma, depression, feeling sorrow about yourself becomes very common and you start rejecting yourself.

But, these mental issues can be cured by self-care. You can even feel good by applying these certain things into your life. You can never compare the feeling that arises from mental trauma. Let me share one experience with you all from where I have realized how tough a situation becomes. Before reading this you must know that your condition is not because you have done something wrong but it can be naturally or can also be genetic.

Do not consider yourself a victim for this, because you haven’t done anything wrong in this.

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Personal Hit

When I was in class 10th, there used to be one of my friends who had always scored better than me. There was a hidden competition between the two of us and to be very honest he was very intelligent. He always secured 1st position in the class. One day, he fell off in assembly. He was diagnosed but he has started behaving differently.

As mentioned, he was very intelligent, but he preferred mugging rather than understanding what he was reading. One day, he missed school and he continued to be absent for like 1 month and I got curious about his health. When I came to know about his health, I came to know that he is suffering from OCD. A mental disorder in which you cannot control your mind and other organ signals properly, a mental disorder. He lost all his talent in a few months and now after 5 years, he lost his school, college, and everything. He cannot even study due to his illness.

Hope you get to know about the problems faced by people who are suffering from mental disorders or bad mental health.

Here I am mentioning some of the techniques you can imply in your life if you are suffering from any kind of mental health issue.

Signs of mental illness

If you are suffering from any kind of mental illness then you will find everything harder than usual. You will find it hard to socialize yourself, even work will become a burden. Here I am listing some symptoms and signs which a normal mental health patient faces. Remember, these signs are not actual, there is still a probability that if you are suffering from these, then also you do not have any mental illness. Let’s move to signs:

  1. You will find difficulty in concentrating and remembering memories.
  2. Your decision making power will reduce gradually over a period of time.
  3. Self-criticism will be common and you will blame yourself for every wrong you have done.
  4. You will be irritated all the time and your inner soul will be distracted all the time.
  5. You will not pay attention to your responsibilities and find it difficult to complete them.
  6. Certain situations will make your mind unstable which you do not want in a normal life routine.
  7. Your appearance and hygiene will not be that important to you anymore.
  8. You will be lost all the time and can find it hard to focus all your interest at one point.

I am once again repeating that these points and signs are not completely decisive. You need not be scared if you are suffering from any of them. Consult a doctor for better knowledge of these symptoms.

What does bad Mental Health do to you?

Here are some of the things and feelings which a common mental health patient suffers from. You can never understand the pain of the person who is suffering, but can only guess. Here are some of the things that the patient faces:

  1. Regular swings
  2. Erratic Thinking
  3. Chronic Anxiety
  4. An Exaggerated sense of self-worth
  5. Impulsive Actions
  6. Disability
  7. Depression
  8. Insomnia

Self-care Techniques to help yourself

There are various self-care ideas that you can follow if you are suffering from any mental health disorder or problem. If you are properly following them, then you do not need any sort of medication or treatment. In these types of situations, it is very necessary to understand that you are not the only one who is suffering from this mental disorder. You can be proud of yourself because you are the rare one who accepts that you have mental related issues. Here I am listing some ways that can help you in bringing out from this situation.

1.     Tell people what helps you

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If you like something, then you can tell other people to do this for you. it is not about a thing, it is about the feeling. If you like to be treated in a nice and better way then you can directly ask for help from another person without being shy. If the person really cares for you, then he surely will help you with this. Remember you do have to expect or plead someone to do this for you or behave like this, this will make your condition worse if the other person does not behave according to your expectations.

Let everyone know what helps you, this way you can be freer and there might be more chances of you to be healthy more quickly. These things do not include large expectations but good behavior and if the person really cares for you then he/she will surely help you. and it is your responsibility to find your trigger points so that you can explain properly. This technique will surely help you to get better.

2.     Accept as early as possible

Time really marks an impact. If you are not accepting your current situation and letting yourself suffer, you are doing wrong, my dear friend. If you are suffering from any of the above-mentioned symptoms then you should consult a doctor as soon as possible.

You will be diagnosed more clearly and adequately in the early stages of your problem. Accept your conditions so that you can properly explain your smallest mental health problem.

3.     Write everything in a diary

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Trust me, this helps a lot. If you are suffering from a mental health problem, then the first thing you have to do is to maintain your mood diary. Write everything in that and if your memory is very way too bad then tear that paper, throw it away in the bin. This really helps; I am saying this from my personal experience.

This will also allow you to think that you have somebody with whom you can text or call or talk to. If you don’t like to write then set a voice recorder in your mobile app, say all the things which you want to say or share. If you have nothing to say then it is better to talk to yourself. You will feel good.

4.     Self-Esteem

Self-trust and self-confidence is something that can take you out from this instantly. Admire yourself, learn to let go of things and the past, learn to forgive yourself, build self-trust.

These are some of the tricks and techniques that you can apply in your life to get out of this mental health problem. Trust yourself, stop blaming yourself for every mistake you make. This will increase your confidence to face many problems that you are facing in your life which will obviously mark an impact on your mental health. Try this, it will really help.

5.     Admire yourself

The first thing you forget while facing any trauma is admiring yourself. Admiring yourself is the best activity you can do to take yourself out of this mental trauma. Remember, you are not alone in this. There are many who are suffering the same condition as you are suffering now. What extra you have to do is to never stop admiring yourself.

Do the things which you like the most, the things in which you are perfect and which makes you happy. Doing such things will let you know your worth in a cruel world. Follow the steps and make sure you are admiring your steps and even your mistakes. Because no one likes to commit mistakes, mistakes only occur when you are trying to do something good and right.

6.     Consult School mental health teacher or any teacher who understands you

If your school is providing you with a mental health counselor, seek help from him/her. They are experts in handling these types of cases and thus they will surely help you to get you out of your trauma.

If you do not have any counselor, then don’t worry, you only need one teacher or adult who can understand you, with whom you are comfortable sharing your thoughts, and on whom you can trust. You only need such a person, open everything in front of him/her. He/she will surely make you feel comfortable.

7.     Nourish your social life

Make your social life as you want it to be. Remove unnecessary people from your following list and make sure that the people whom you are following aren’t creating a vibe of FOMO in your own senses. Nourish yourself, your social life. Social media nowadays creates a large impact on your daily life.


You can filter your post, your followers, and the following list, and whatever you see on your social media and social life. The person who gives you a bad vibe removes that person from your life for a short period of time. Delete all unnecessary vibes and people for your betterment. You can also hide from bad people by wearing masks, this will also prevent you from dust and smoke.

8.     Yoga

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Yoga can really help you to make your life schedule better. If you are regularly doing Yoga then it will help you to connect your mind to your soul and body which will maintain a good neuro connection inside your body. Yoga helps to open every blocked muscle and will make you feel good about yourself. Try this, you will surely feel good.

If you are not able to join yoga sessions in this corona time, carry fogger machines and hand sanitizers for your safety and then join the sessions.

9.     Travelling:

Travelling may help you to get better because according to some of the scientific studies when you are out of the normal schedule you feel good about yourself. If you like to travel, then book a ticket, pack your bag and get off.

10.  Try Peer Support:

Peer support can really help you. If you have good and understanding friends, then you are very blessed. Try to confess everything in front of them and then ask them to help you. If they really understand you then they will surely help you.

Follow these tips and tricks to get yourself out of this mental trauma. I know it is not easy for you, life might be very hard for you sometimes but it is only you who can help yourself to get out of this dangerous situation.

Never ever question yourself “Why me?” Do not consider yourself guilty for the things you haven’t done. Be calm, this too shall pass. Trust yourself, trust God. You will be fine soon.


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